All the reasons to be a web developer

  1. Average salary is 60k
  2. I can most likely have a frekin Mohawk as I will be working for. Laid back firm, freelancing, or remote working
  3. I can work freelance remotely or on short contract jobs so I don’t have to stay with the same frekin company forever 
  4. I can work remotely so I can work wherever I want
  5. Coding is fun
  6. I will be a cool guy that knows how to code muahaha 

Habits waking up in the morning

Okay so this blog is going to be brain dumps. A brain dump is just an exercise where you write and do not stop for a period of time set by yourself. Just keep typing. Just a free form style of writing that lets anything come out. So anyways, the first habit that I want to acquire is to wake up in the morning at about 8:00Am. I’m really sucking in this department. Today I woke up at 4pm!! What the fuck I really am sucking in this department, to reiterate. OMG I can’t believe that I woke up at 4PM. I didn’t even drink last night to boot. I found an article online shows you how to wake up in the morning. Here it is. the article’s main take-aways are to go to sleep at the same time, sleep in multiples of 90 minutes, to do something active right away, and to shower in the morning right away. I’m going to try to shower right away and to have that wake up. I’m going to set my alarm clock in the morning and keep it in my bathroom so that when I turn it off, I can just jump right into the shower.