I just want to leave


I made a commitment to writing one blog post per day so now I am doing that. I really just want to go to the Home Depot though. I’m going there so I can look up colors for my rooms -they have cards with every color out there on them. I’m going to find a card that has red, a card that has orange and a card that has a third color I don’t know the name of. Not knowing this third color is the main reason I’m going to pick out these cards. I have a picture of the color that I can bring up on my phone. I’m going to match this picture up with the cards they have and find the right one.

I guess I should be doing more with my day. I figure, because I have a job interview, nothing I can do will make me consider the day wasted. Although, I do have many other things I should be doing:

  • I should be studying for my Google analytics exam for an hour.
  • I should study for my SEO classes
  • I should play the drums. . . . . . which I plan to do for two hours after my interview
  • I should work on my business ( the next step is to find a manufacturer that can do injection molding and get a quote for my product.)
  • I should also be reading. . . . . . . . I know it’s just for fun but it enriches me so I know I should do it.

So now, as I write this, I realize that I should do some of the things listed above. I’ll just settle on doing homework. I can do just two hours tonight with a little tryin’. . .. . . .

I feel like I have the southern accent of a 1930’s farmer. It’s probly cause i’m reading grapes o wrath.

That’s it for now!

See you tomorrow and wish me luck at the Home Depot.


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