so i guess i have a lot to think about right now. I’m just thinking about everything right now in my life. why are you judging me. i can’t even think about why i’m stil awake right now. omg can you give it a rest dude you’re judging us right now i can’t believe you said that dude you are so funny it’s unbelievable omg duelook what you are doing to us right now omg dude what the fheck man don’t even think about it what are you doing wiht whatever nachos cheese and that just one nacho. that is jack black jack black is in my head right now i swaear to god obm dude move away i can’t believe you said that dude you are so nuts omg what the fuck is he writing he’ sstill typing i can’t believe you’re sotoyr over omg what the fuck is the pont of this holy shit che’s crying i can’t vbelieve you said that so tohim why did you do it it’s not the oint of the exercise it’s the point of your mom your tits are tso covered in butter that your mom shits all of her father’s troso bones intoa bucket and fuck cut the chord lights out gorilla radio turn that shit up lights out geuriallsa radio truns that shit up penis one time when i cwas at band camp i saw a snipple dude it was bad a bad nipple what the fuck i say w all of your nipples it’s not funny at all it’s not the funniest thing is n the world this is the best song in the world no it’s not it’s just a tribute omg what does he think he is whaere is this goinh omg what the fuck is he doing momg he doesn’t beleive it it’s stooo strong too long too bong chong tha’t seventies show parks and recreaction audry plaza aubrey plaza who is that what the heck are you writing dude you don’t now omg now you know it’s so obvious dude what happens to you is up to us. it’s not even like he knows what’s going on it’s so simple it’s not his fault it’s all of our its not your fault omg what does he do it’s not him we want it’s personal it’s not anymore you don’t get to say that it’s not me anymore it’s was enever you cyou can’t believe what he’s saying it’s not up to us anymore you’re not ehere you missed you r shot got it. it’s not what you think  dude it’s lnot like we lie to you are myour mom omg i misspleleled our holy shit he did do it he’s not lying hes a sack of shit like that guy from the movie with all you r bones deeper than bones he’s say septiural supepsepulchur it’s not maiking any sense he’s not going any wawy anytime soon it’s not over dude you can’t be done with it like that it’s not over it’s not over you can’t be had it’s not like yo can’t see what were’ doing to you it’s not like you can’t see anyting that ‘s going on around you you can’t be serious right now it’s not like i can see anyting or anytone that is pooping in my face what an actor he’s not an actor he’s stiletto sformal omg he’s sounds so gay right he’s not making any sense he’s got to believe this has gone on way too long omg just believe there you go that’s kimchi it’s kimchi it’s not kimchi what is it go away i don’t know what you are goind but it’s making me mad how many times do i have to tell you that i need to sleep how come you need to do this why don’t you get a job where are you coming from in your head where do you lie in your head is it sleeping time you need to sleep it’s not over for you it’s not i can just tell you that for certain now try and spell a hard word encyclodpeia encyclopedia hell yeah i just cgot it that’s good dude now try and spell it it it it information technology what the fuck is he going on about it’s not anything we tell him to write it’s hlike he’s losing hismind right in front of us what teh fuck that’s what eh wants why do you want this so bad omg it’s not natural it’s like an insticnt what does he wants elius i don’t know it’s too long dude just shut it out make it up it’s like we don’t even exist to him it’s like can’t even remember us itsl ike a whirlwind inside of my head it’s like a paper clip i forgot the song dud imilkd dud dud what air yo doin dud. hey don’t make fun of me man mange it’s lnot you we want its you r father he’s not looking out for you at all not one bit it’s like he nknow s who you are awhy don’t you get a job i can’t believe i am hearing this from you it’s like he needs to hear ti himself in order to get things done it dones’t make any sense it’s just random words he’s jus wrting what the fuck he’s just writing just whatever pops into his head at anyt time random time what the fuck he’s bad he’s good he’s gay he’s jewish he presbyterian hells yeah see that fucks that word fuck that word up ass adowm straight nigga iwhy are you saying that it’s like we ant to hear aeveryting you ‘re thinking about what is that amteer with him who are you doing this my god is not too late for this kind of thinking that got you introuble that is not the first time you lied to me you saw me when i went in your room when i got pooped on by your fbird’s stocking shits tears are running down my face my asshole is bigger than yours so i win it’s not like we know you or anyting who is he talking to right now it’s too fun dude it’s like way too dufnn dude he’s doing it on prupose omg what the fuck is the matter with you who are you what the fuck who is ithis seriuosly omg what the fuck is going on in your head you’re not who you say you are you’re somebody else entirely you’re not going to hell dude you are you’re fucked omg what the fuck find you r ahpply place you are someplace else you r not erally here what did you say he was when do you find out? when is it going to be time when you find out what youerwereh what did you say what did you say what did you say seriously i’ve had eouugh this is not a jokeing matter this is enough of this right now what is this seriuosly cut him off this is not the first time he’s done this many times its’ like he dknows what to write when need to write what the fuck he’s typingin he’s not typing he’s likeing it dude you can schill out now you have him in your grasp he’s not making any sense he’s like chilling dude you can’t be seriuosl  dude you isspelled that omg what the read it read it read ti read it read it dude what the fuck you are a terrorist dude what the fuck is this shit sthis is not okay omg what they fuck you are so much in danger of yourself your can[‘t really write huh? you can’t write for shit can you ? you don’t know yourself well enogh to write you just can’t stell a story can you? you don’t believe a  word what the fuck am i saying i sond’t knowwho you are you’re not who you say you are you’re single you’re single and sayu that way you need to read magazine and poop on your mom’s vagina shit on my tits that’s not every nice thing to say mwhy don’t you jus shutup and let me talk now it’s time for sleepy bye it’s time to poop on the face of your elders and needlessly cower away from your problems it’s time to lie in your bed and take control of yourself it doesn’t even matter one bit to him omg what did he just do mom did he jsut do that to you? why did he djust do that what is going on dude you got to go to sleep omg what is the best way to put this you are not selling out you are not selling out you sell out gig time you don’t even know what that means you can’t believe yourself when you talk why don’t you just sell out don’t listen to him he needs to hear it it’s not like you’re ylying to us or anything but he doens’t listen why doeshe not listen i don’t know what to do what is this about awhy dcan’t you needto pooon tits. where deos he go where does he go he’s not smart henonones is onononon no one is msmart don don don why don’t you go poop somewhere else he’s not having it it’s not a loser dude you need to believe what does happend to you what needs to happen to you what needs to happend to you what do i need to make happen wow he gets it done for now


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