Today I finished all of my shit

I woke up late and I felt shitty because I missed my therapist appointment. Really need to make sure that o wake up on time so that I don’t miss important events anymore. I did get all of home work done though. Let me just say I had s rough night my mind was lit up like a sparkler last night from the voices in my head. I was kept up thinking about a whole mess of things like my impending job that I dread( I’m still trying to keep a good attitude about it though). I had s good morning though even though it wasn’t really morning it was afternoon when I woke up. I ate a steak and I watched tiny house hunters. I want a tiny house. I really do. Anyways im proud to say that I finished all of my homework and still manages to play drums. And then I read a book which I’m also proud to say.


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