Today is completely different from yesterday

Wow. today feels much better than yesterday. Yesterday, I had an overwhelmingly huge sense of guilt because I didn’t really accomplish anything besides research for my business and playing the drums for an hour. today feels different it’s like i’m being possessed by a optimism demon. I know tomorrow should be the same way and I hope it is.

violent change of subject.

I’ve been using for about a week now -I just finished my first full week. so far, it’s going quite well. I’ve been keeping up with new habits more than I would have if I wasn’t using the app. here are the habits:

  1. cold shower everyday:
    1. success criteria: wash my whole body and my hair while completely with cold water
  2. practice drums mon- sat days per week
    1. success criteria- be in front of the drums for 2 hours except for a 15 min break at the one hour mark
  3. write a blog post everyday
    1. success criteria: post 100 words or more
  4. go to the gym mon, wed, fri
    1. success criteria: do 5 sets of 5 reps on one lift
  5. work on business tues, thurs, sat days per week
    1. success criteria: work on anything for my business for 30 min or more
  6. study for an hour mon-friday
    1. study for at least one hour
  7. be grateful for at least five things per day:
    1. success criteria: write one facebook post per day listing 5 good things that happened
  8. intermittent fasting on sundays
    1. success criteria: consume no calories for 24 hours on sundays
  9. read a book for 30 min per day
    1. Success criteria: read 3o min. this is easy. I do this before I go to sleep

So there you have it. all 9 of my habits that I’m forming




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