regular expressions

I’m learning about regular expressions in my Google Analytics class and I’m pretty excited to get these down pat. I really want adderall though so I can be super stoked on it. wow I miss adderall. But yeah. I’m trying to learn regular expression and I came across this eBook on

This ebook, along with the video lectures in my Google Analytics, class is really helping me grasp regular expressions. I really stoked to be good at this because I want to be known as smart guy and smart guys can use code like regular expressions. I’m really stoked on the idea.

Overall, I’m looking forward to working in SEO and working with customer’s analytics accounts. I want to be part of a team understands this stuff and makes me better at it. I’m not looking forward to how awkward it’ll be to work. and I mean work in general since i’m uneasy around people most of the time. I’ll deal with it though if it means getting work on stuff with google analytics. i hope most of the work is independent though.

I secretly want to get better at google analytics and seo because I want to run my own business. and I know that it’ll pay off to learn about this stuff.


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