Starting a Muse business

I’ve been making some progress starting a business. So far, I’ve almost finished the CAD designs for the product (or rather the designer is almost done with it).  The main things I have left to do are the following

  1. market research- I need to know many customers are in my market. I can do this by using Google Keyword planner and by using Google Trends to see how many people are searching for terms that would drive traffic to my site. I can also gauge demand by looking at my potential reach on Facebook ads and by seeing how many people are in various groups related to my business. I can also look on amazon and ebay to see what products are related to my product. if the products have lots of reviews, then i know that there is healthy market presence in that niche.
  2. I also need to create a testing page. I can do this just like the examples in the 4-hour workweek. create the webpages in weebly
    1. the first page will be a testimonial-rich sales page that explains why my product is better and different from other products. it will have a purchase button on the first page
    2. the second page will be a form to take contact information and will also have the shipping, pricing, and handling information
    3. the third page will be a page that says the product is currently on back order



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