Let’s be honest

I’m really not doing that well but I keep thinking everything alright. But it’s not. I’m stagnating. I’ve been trying to keep up my drumming and my school work and work at the same time and I’m just falling to a pattern of procrastination. The biggest failure that I see is not practicing drums on time. Last week, for example, I lost 3 hours of practice time. Not good. I’d been playing drums consistently 6 days a week for a year up until the past 3 weeks. I cannot let this become a habit. Now. What can I do differently? My schedule allows me to play drums for two hours before work. The reason I haven’t been waking up to play is …. I’m lazy and I keep thinking that I can make up the time later….. I am lazy but I cannot make up the time later since I need to practice on the days that I would make it up on. So, thinking that I can make up the time later is not a valid excuse. Now let’s tackle the laziness. I think that I can bribe myself to get out of bed early enough to practice with food. I’m going to make a deal with myself (at least for tomorrow ) that I can eat anything, including things that break my diet if I wake up in time to play. Okay I’ll try that.


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