I’m doing better than I think.

I’m doing better than I think. I just practiced drums for a total of two hours and I finished working on some sketches for a product I’m making. Also, I’m on track with my homework and work is going well. I can’t ask for more except of course, the 4-hour workweek. I’m obsessed! okay, I’m almost there. I have a problem, though, with some of tim ferriss’ advice. I know that I’m supposed to test demand for my product before investing money into it. Tim says to test the demand by making a mock up page with stock photos and ask people to buy the product. It goes like this: customer finds the sales page and wants the product. then, customer proceeds to fill out shipping information. finally customer is greeted by a message that says “this product is on back order”.  sounds simple. I’m having a problem though. . . I think that if I test demand using a shitty website, a mockup that is not true to the site, and sales copy that isn’t convincing, I will lose potential customers and deem the business unworthy when really it might have potential.


so I’m going to hire a web designer. hire a copy writer, hire someone to make a video for me and then test the demand.


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