I’m getting bored

I’m getting bored dude. like reheeeelly bored dude. not even funny god I can’t even write any more with my own voice. I lost my voice I swear to god. It’s been so long since I’ve actually written or spoken genuinely that I don’t even know what I think or what I want to say anymore. It’s like I can’t even tell myself the truth anymore. I’m just lost in the. . . see I’m doing it again. everything is say seems so contrived. my writing is fake. I feel like I’m just lying to everyone when I write now. I don’t know how to get my voice back. I used to be good at this i swear to god. now i don’t even know if i was good at it. all I know was that doing it before really helped clean my mind out of all other thoughts and really brought me into the present. screw this I’m going to play a typing game.


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