Writing another blog post

Hello people,

I am the master of you puppets. I like you when you dance around for me. muahahahaha now bow. bow to your master muahahahahahha. hey dude. what’s up. I don’t even know what I’m writing about. okay now but I just thought of something now I practiced drums today and I played a little guitar. today was a good day so far. hey that rhymed. anyways I bought melatonin and 2 new shirts and some la croix. let’s see how much money I have left. Okay. I have 142 dollars. . . . that means that i can absolutely not buy anything except for gas until my next paycheck. I’m going to apply for another job. It’s going to be with my old boss and I’m a little leery about it. I’m going to be making complete commission and I don’t know if I can do it yet. I need to have a better attitude about it though so yeah. I think i CAN make money doing it. I will need to save up enough money so that I can have enough gas to get back and forth from work without having to ask my dad for money.


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