My dad is creeping me out

Tonight, before my dad went to bed, he gave me a weird look and a nod as if to say “I know something about you. I know a dark secret about you. Or I know how you really are.” It was really weird. There is no secret. If I read into it more, I start to think that he’s saying “look, at my friends. I’m popular and you’re not.” i’m the best. Whatever though. I’m just going to avoid him more often this week. that’s been working for me and I know that’s what I need to do. Just avoid him and his creepy looks. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s not trying to be creepy on purpose but that he’s just doing it on accident. Just avoid him more.

My day was good up until that point. So I’m going to give the day a 95%, as strong A. I’m played the drums (did some cool things with off beat metronome pulses) and I played the guitar, did some good work with a song I’m working on. Also, I just chilled out and watched Scrubs. It was a good day. and I still managed to take 3 cold showers (it is refreshing and relieves stress).

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my old boss to discuss a rehire. Then, I have work at my current job. . . 5 hours. . . not so bad. and then I need to practice drums. . . or guitar. . . one of those. then it’ll be time to read and go to bed.

I’ll have to do my homework the next day, wednesday.If i keep on that pace, I’ll be done with my homework on friday. . . . or maybe I’ll just finish half by thursday and the rest on sunday. . . . . . . .  .I have to see. . . . .. . . . . . maybe. . . . . . . . or maybe I won’t play drums


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