So-Cal Summer Sunset

I love the weather in southern California. That’s an unusual sentiment where I live. I live in southern California. Fish are clueless about water.

Everything is going really well. I love my job. I’m reading a lot. I’m almost done with school. I’m practicing drums everyday. and I’m taking steps to start a business. Nothing is going wrong except that my business is taking too long to start. as long as I keep working, I’ll be fine. All I have to do next is to make a model of my product out of cardboard.


Different Person Everyday

It seems like I’m a different person everyday. I ask myself now “is this really me?”. Am I the one doing this? I have moments where I wake up and realize what I’m doing and I can’t believe what I’m doing. Am I really working this job? Am I really driving this car? Weird, I know. I wish I could put it into better words but I’m tired of writing right now. I’ve lost the talent to write. So, now I’m just trying to get better by practice. Everyday I write.  I wish I had some of my old essays and some of my old stories that I wrote. They were good. They really were. I lost all of my files when I erased my hard drive. Tears are about to well up in my eyes because of the loss I feel when I think about my old essays. I really wish I kept my old blog going too. It was so much better than this one. I immediately regretted deleting it and now I’ll never get it back. I will not make that mistake again.


Today was a good day. It was nonstop. I woke up at 6:30, got to work at 8, worked till 4:30 got home at 5:30, ate, played drums from 6 to 7, went to them gym, got back at 7:30, ate, work on my dad’s adwords campaign from 8:30 to 9:50. And now I’m in bed writing this post. very good I feel accomplished and I’m eager to read Slaughter House Five. vonnegut makes a bunch of references to his other books in Slaughter House Five. Especially to God Bless you Mr. Rosewater. I want to find out what the best way to read his books are.


I don’t even 

I don’t even know what the hell IM writing about anymore. Thoughts free flow you said you’ve got something deep inside of you. Wow my mind is racing like its on speed and I don’t know what to do except weed. Jk no I’m not. Okay so I passed the Google analytics IQ exam and now I’m certified. Woot! Next step is to get Adwords certified. Then I’ll be a baller. Then I think I’m going to Get my master’s degree I think in accounting. I just want to look it up and go crazy looking it up but I know I should just go to sleep. So after I write this blog post I’m just going to go to bed. But I have a few more thoughts before I’m done. Tomorrow, I need to set up my dad’s Adwords campaign. It should take no more than 2 hours. Here we go. The week starts over now. I get to read yesssssssss

About to work

I’m about to finally look up some answers for the Google Analytics certification exam. It’s been about a week since I set out to look up the questions but I haven’t done any yet really. So, I’m going to find out about 20 questions today. I know It’s going to take me about four hours I think. So, I’m ready with a pizza and some soda. let’s go!!!!



I feel like I need to do something

I really feel like I need to do something productive but I don’t know what it is. I think that I will feel better if I just worked a little bit on studying for the Google analytics exam. Here I go.


NVM I still need to write more I don’t know exactly how many words I should type when I make these posts but it needs to be more that the two sentences in the section above. Okay. Here’s what I’ve done so far today. 1) full 8 hours at work 2) 1 full hour of reading. 3) worked on my business and made learned some more about what I need to do for my product. . . .(I need to create a cardboard model of it in order to give my CAD designer a good idea of what I want to do). 4) practiced the drums for two hours. 5) Went to the gym. . . .. . .. I think now I’m just going to get drunk.


Oh god today

HOly shit I fucking love my fucking co worker man he’s the shit and he’s gnarly. I can say whatever I want because it’s my fucking blog. I fuck midget dog niggers in the cunt, you jew aids. Today was a good day because I got a lot of research done on manufacturing my product. which is a bag for Magic: the Gathering cards. I didn’t play the drums really so I guess that was a failure. I need to make sure that I play the drums steadily from now on. I’ve had moments of weakness this week because I get so hungry/lazy after work and I don’t really pull myself onto the drums et. i really need to stop that I know that if I play more often that I will become better. So In no time. I ‘ll be a rock god I swear to god if I don’t beocome a rock god I will kill muyself with alcohol up my assholee. I swear to buddga. I need to make sure that I play more. but otherwise. I t was a good day. I read a lot of the slaughter house five book. yyay. I think tomorrow going to be good too. I can’t help but think that my life will be awesome. and is awesome right now

I’m falling way behind

I’m falling way behind trying while trying to get money credited to my adwords account. I should be studying for the Google Analytics IQ Exam. I’m really frustrated with myself for creating an adwords account by accident and then running an ad accidentally from that account. But I think I should be all sorted out. Worse comes to worst. . . I can sell my Magic Cards for extra cash. Holy shit. I’m tight for cash. I have about 60 dollars in the bank and a 100 dollar bill. I should be getting 20 dollars from my venmo account pretty soon. and then I should be getting about 30 dollars from a book return. Hopefully. I’ll have enough gas money to keep going to work until I get my next paycheck. fuck. . . . . I think I’ll have to sell some of my magic cards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m going to see if my dad wants to buy $200 dollars worth of advertising from me so that I can stretch till my next pay check.

Holy shit I’m wasting a lot of valuable time

Holy shit I’m really behind on getting my stuff done for myself. I need to study for the google analytics exam, I need to organize for ten minutes. and then I need to read for 30 minutes. ah and then I need to finish this blog post. I feel a lot of energy right now but I feel calm at the same time. I think this is what I feel like after I’ve eaten oil or something. I like the feeling. I don’t feel giddy at all either. This is a really good feeling. Now I’m going to work on studying for the google analytics exam.

Hory Shet

Hory shet dude. I just spent an hour chatting with a lady from google to try to reverse my adwords charges. I made a regular account by mistake when I was trying to make an MCC account. during the account creation process, I accidentally made a campaign and started running it. I did not know this. I turns out that the ad has been running for a week and that I’ve gotten 251 clicks for 250 dollars. holy shit. I made a huge mistake. I’m going to talk to the supervisor tomorrow to see if I can reverse the mistake. I’m sure it doesn’t take much to reverse the account. please god let them give me my money back.