Had an orgasmic day today

I got my pills. then I got my eyes checked. then, I got lunch with my dad. then, I went to work. then, I hung out with my sister. then, I went to a birthday party. then, I went to the gym. then, I took a cold shower. and now, I’m making a blog post.

I want to talk about my conversation with my sister a little bit more. She’s mad because my dad snubbed her when she asked him if he’d thrown her eggshells away (She had them in the sink ready to be ground in the garbage disposal). When he didn’t answer, she asked him if he’d heard her and he responded as if she was mad at him. I think she needs to watch her tone and he needs to stop assuming that she’s mad at him. What worse is that he ambushed her at work, using the context to make her behave politely. He knew what he was doing and it was a bad move. She doesn’t want to make amends and she doesn’t want to try to make things better. I hope to buddha that she doesn’t mean that.


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