And now I must read

It’s been about 26 days since I started forming new habits on so far, everything is going well except for studying at least one hour per day and practicing drums. I can get away with not studying. . . . . but the drumming I cannot. I’ve done well this week though. . . . sorta. I’ve played drums all but 1 day so far. and that means I need to practice 2 more days -saturday and sunday. god I miss my old blog. . . .

I miss not censoring myself when I write. . . . . . . oh god I wish I had my old blog back. . .  YOu know what? I’m going to get my old blog back just the way I had it. . . . . I’m going to make the backgroud image the same and I’m going to make meaningful posts in which I don’t censor myself. I’m up to the task.

and now I must read the grapes of wrath.

Also, I have to avoid telling people about this blog or how to find it. I need to make sure that no one I know can ever find it. how do I do this? I don’t trust myself not to tell anyone. .. . .I mean I told my dad today and I even told him the name of the blog when I really shouldn’t have. but how can I prevent myself from spilling the beans? I guess I’ll just have to make sure that I don’t tell anyone. It’ll be like preventing myself from say fuck.


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