It smells like teen spirit

Wow. it smells really bad in my room and I think it’s because I sweated a lot in one of my shirts and it’s sitting in my room right now. anyways.   . . . .

today is shaping up to be a really good day so far, I’ve watched underworld evolution and and I’ve talked to my old boss about going back to work an he’s happy to have me back! woot! I’m so stoked. Now, i have only one week and 3 days until i go back to work. and by that time. I’ll be done with my classes too. I’m going to be doing loan modifications. . . . . . . hoorah. It pays well, it’s challenging but not grinding. and the work environment at the office is really comfortable and casual. it’s everything i want in a job. plus, It allows me to come home and practice drums form 5-7. I really can’t lose at this job.


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