Dude. I had one of the best/worst experiences with drumming today. I practiced well today, trying to get a beat down for an hour straight. I got it down and I was able to tie it into another beat that I had learned earlier this week. I got the two of them to blend nicely. It’ll only be a little longer before I get them to flow seemlessly. Afterwards, however, I felt a sense of emptiness. I don’t know why I did maybe because I had been empty of food at that time. I also think It might’ve been because I took too much BrainQuicken. BrainQuicken is a focus and memory supplement. I can say that my doubles are getting better though so that’s a good thing. I’m learning to keep all of my fingers on the stick at the same time all the time.

I finished some homework too and now I’m reading cat’s cradle and it is hilarious. Also, I’ve been fasting the whole day and it’s going well. I really feel zen today.


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