Was anxious now I’m excited

I was feeling very anxious because I realized that I’m being trapped into the wrong work/life equation. I’m going to start my old job back up again on monday and then it’ll be a steady routine from there on out. I don’t like this very much. I really want to have an automated business like in the 4-hour workweek. I have doubts that I’ll be able to find really good ideas but I keep telling myself that I can come up with an idea if I tried. I know that I can. I just need the product to fit into an automated architecture. I know what the end should look like, i.e. I know what my business model will look like when I’m done. I’m sure many entrepreneurs have had trouble with this. (funny i’m thinking of myself now as an entrepreneur for the first time. . . . even though my one product only got two sales.) I’m working on another product right now that seems really expensive to make. I know how I want it to look but I’m just having trouble getting the designer to make it look how I want. I want him to reverse engineer a pelican luggage case and to design the internal components of the case to match the exterior. I guess I just need to send him a sample of the case and and then ask him to reverse engineer it.


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