I watched way to much tv just now

I must’ve watched 5 episodes of orange is the new black. That is like 5 hours of tv. . . . way too much.  I should’ve been reading instead. I know what happened too. I went into my sister’s room to watch tv and then i stayed in there forever. I said at the outset of this effort not to watch tv that I would not enter my sister’s room. so far, I’ve stopped myself several times and failed about two times. I want to make it so that I’ve not watched tv except for on weekends. I guess today was okay though because I was having my cheat day. . . . so I want to make that a rule. . . . no tv except for the weekends. I think I can handle it. . . . and the weekend starts friday night at 8pm. . . . and ends sunday night at 8pm. . . . that I will be my new rule. I can watch alot of tv in that time. . . . . of course. I really want to pass the google analtyics certification exam before I start my next round of classes on the 11th of july. . . . . . . sooooo I’ll need to devote sometime each night to study for the test. . .. . I figure that I can pass the test if I use some strategic methods. . . .. First. . . . . (i’ve already done this) is take the test one time and take screenshots of all the questions. . . . . then, find all the answers to those questions and make a bank. . . . . then I can look up all the answers when I take the test again. . . . . that’s my one task I think I can knock it out in 3 nights (2 hours each night) if I concentrate. . . . . but I’m going to say that I’ll devote just one hour each night for 6 nights per week.


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