I’m Giddy

I’m excited for today’s lunch. It’s a father’s day celebration and my immediately family is coming over, including my step siblings. I’m most excited to see my brother who lives in LA. We don’t see a lot of each other but he’s always good company. I want to play video games with him and jam with him. I don’t know if he’ll want to but I’ll see if he does. I have a few things besides the lunch that I need to do. First, I’ll need to see if my assignments have been uploaded to my class. Then, I’m need to fix my key fob. I’ll need to buy some mouth wash at some point. and then I’ll need study for the analytics exam. I’ll also need to read. and then play an hour of music. and I need to do this all before I get to bed at 8pm. holy shit. I don’t have that much time at all. . . . . . . . okay ready go!


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