Oh God I feel so anxious

I feel really anxious right now because I’m procrastinating like mad hardcore bro. I need to study for the google analytics certification exam but I haven’t even begun to study yet. My plan is to pass the exam by july 10th, the day before my next round of classes starts I already know what to do. . . .I just need to look up all of the answers to the questions that I copied down from the last attempt I made. Jesus I can still save the night if I start now. . . .  I need to organize, read a book, make a facebook post and then look up some of the answers to the stupid questions. . .  I have like 58 questions that I need to find the answers to by next week. I can make a commitment to try to knock them all out by next week and take the exam. . . . Okay. this is what I’m going to do. I’m just going to enjoy the weekend and read a book and then, starting monday. . . . . I’m going to find the fucking answers to the questions. . . actually fuck it. I’ll just start right now and do it until I find the answers to 3 questions. . . . . . .. . here I fucking go.


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