Oh god today

HOly shit I fucking love my fucking co worker man he’s the shit and he’s gnarly. I can say whatever I want because it’s my fucking blog. I fuck midget dog niggers in the cunt, you jew aids. Today was a good day because I got a lot of research done on manufacturing my product. which is a bag for Magic: the Gathering cards. I didn’t play the drums really so I guess that was a failure. I need to make sure that I play the drums steadily from now on. I’ve had moments of weakness this week because I get so hungry/lazy after work and I don’t really pull myself onto the drums et. i really need to stop that I know that if I play more often that I will become better. So In no time. I ‘ll be a rock god I swear to god if I don’t beocome a rock god I will kill muyself with alcohol up my assholee. I swear to buddga. I need to make sure that I play more. but otherwise. I t was a good day. I read a lot of the slaughter house five book. yyay. I think tomorrow going to be good too. I can’t help but think that my life will be awesome. and is awesome right now


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