Different Person Everyday

It seems like I’m a different person everyday. I ask myself now “is this really me?”. Am I the one doing this? I have moments where I wake up and realize what I’m doing and I can’t believe what I’m doing. Am I really working this job? Am I really driving this car? Weird, I know. I wish I could put it into better words but I’m tired of writing right now. I’ve lost the talent to write. So, now I’m just trying to get better by practice. Everyday I write.  I wish I had some of my old essays and some of my old stories that I wrote. They were good. They really were. I lost all of my files when I erased my hard drive. Tears are about to well up in my eyes because of the loss I feel when I think about my old essays. I really wish I kept my old blog going too. It was so much better than this one. I immediately regretted deleting it and now I’ll never get it back. I will not make that mistake again.


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