Yo people

I don’t really know what to say and that’s the story of my life right now. Let’s just recap the day and make projections about the future I guess. I woke up at 6AM and got to work by 8AM. Coffee was nice. I got there before everybody else did to be greeted by a maintenance man overseeing an installment of fiber optic cables. He was annoying me. I took some calls and called some people back and emailed and emailed and emailed. I also researched shipping today and learned that I need an express company to ship my product and take care of the paper work to get the product through customs. I took my lunch at 11AM I thought I was going to have a digital tour JMfield marketing. They’re a fulfillment company that can order product on my behalf without asking me first. They’re one of the only companies that do that. This saves me from having to monitor my own inventory and keeps me from being a bottleneck in my own business. The tour didn’t happen because the lousy salesman didn’t answer his phone. I read Player Piano instead. the afternoon was packed with appointments. NOt really. there were only three. A closing call performed by the closer in the company for one of my clients. they’re going to pay by check.

I left work at 4PM, and started eating beans at my house at 4:45. I ate it with habanero sauce that was way too spicy. I started playing the drums at 5.

Drumming was unproductive. At least for my standards. I barely practiced and what I mean by that was that I practiced only about 1 hour out of my two-hour allotted time window. The rest of the time was filled with drumming video watching in the name of inspiration and standing around doing nothing. I want to say that I failed at drumming, but the self-improvement books won’t let me be negative. So I’ll just say that I could’ve done better and that it’s okay to spend time trying to inspire yourself as much as it is to actually do the thing. I took a cold shower to wash off the laziness-induced sweat.

dinner was at 730. we ate budde chigae. for those of you who are not korean, or for those of you who are dumb koreans, budde chigae is a stew in which lives tofu, sausages, and kimchi and your choice of whatever else. I had a bowl of this and then I took a bit of pork and then ate water by drinking it.

I replied to message on alibaba starting 7:52. I was supposed to starting building a mock-up of my product out of cardboard, but I didn’t have a knife to cut it with. So, I just responded to messages as I could possibly be a sale for the chinese sourcing agents on the other end of the internet from me

and then I started writing this blog post at or around 8:40

I’m excited for tomorrow because I get to eat pizza.


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