Dad is getting on my shit

Holy shit I’m fed up. I was talking to my parents today over dinner, telling them that I was looking up possible career paths after I’m done with my current job. I told them that I want to be a software engineer and wanting to learn to code. He said that I need more school, insinuating that I wouldn’t be able to go to school because I wouldn’t be able to support myself while doing it. I was thinking that I could just live with him like I’m already doing and that I would get through school like that. Of course that decision is up to him, but I’ve asked him before about what he expects of me while I live at his house and he didn’t give me a straight answer so I guess that means that going to school is okay while I live with him. Actually, he said that I should get on my own two feet as soon as possible but he didn’t give me a date by when to do it. So, to me, that means as soon as I’m ready with a job that can support me. which will be after school. I’m not going to let him ruin this for me. I’m going to resolve not to talk to him about any of my life plans. Not a thing. not school. not work. not anything. I thought I could trust him to be supportive and open-minded but all he does is point out the negatives in everything I do.


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