I didn’t drink. Why am I hungover

I feel like I drank a ton of booze last night. All I did was come home from a day out with my family and now I feel drained. What a fucking day that was. I feel relieved that everything is over. I think that I enjoy the anticipation of a family event more than I actually do the event. Of course. . . .  the thing must happen or I will feel like shit but. I actually think that the days leading up to the thing are the most fun. I get to be by myself planning and thinking about how fun it’s going to be. When I’m actually doing the thing, I feel drained and bored.

Like today. I enjoyed thinking about all the things that I would eat and then I didn’t enjoy eating them that much. I haven’t really enjoyed this day that much because I feel like I have really had quiet time during which I could have a head change. I like having head changes like through books. speaking of which, I should read at least 45 min today because I didn’t finish a full half-hour yesterday and that what I’ve promised I should do.


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