Great day so far

It’s been a great day so far. I woke up at noon. Watched tv. Worked on my business project. Got some new vape juice. played the drums and then took a cold shower. and now I’m writing this blog post. I’ve been feeling really relaxed for the past two days. I really think it’s because the welbutrin or because I’ve been having good drum practices. I really like what I’m doing on the drums right now. I’m displacing snare hits so that they come on the and of 3 and the and of 4. I really want to try putting the snare drum on the and of 1 and the and of 2. I’ll try it out this week.

I’m also trying out a new fill/break beat. I wrote it down but basically it has a lot of snare hits on the ands and two group of 3 groups of 16th note hits on the bass drum. at least I think so . . . .

I start my classes up again tomorrow and I’m pretty excited that my certificate is only 10 weeks away. It’s my goal to have applied to online computer science masters programs. by then end of the 10 weeks. I want to apply to ten programs and see which one I get into. the only thing that would stop me is if I ran out of money to for transcripts and application fees. God I’m broke. I don’t ever want to be this broke again. Master’s degree here I come!!!!!


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