What I did today, boy and girls

Oh god. Here’s what I did when I woke up.

  1. I made some coffee. That parts was a little bit of work but then I got through it. We’re almost out of beans
  2. I put on my clothes and, because I’m too lazy to actually brush my teeth, put mouth wash in my mouth and swished it around. I’m almost out of that too.
  3. I started driving to work at 6:30 I listened to musack along the way.
  4. I arrived at work at 7AM to realize that no one was there to open the ST. peter’s gate.
  5. so I took a nap until 7:45 and then went in.
  6. I started wanting a diet mountain dew at some point during the morning. I should’ve have bought one but I did. I need a better way to stop myself from buying diet soda when I have money. I think I need to just try resist the temptation. I tomorrow. I will just drink water instead. I need to stop spending money and I need to stop drinking artificial sweetener. But mostly, I need to stop spending money. and also I need to stop drinking artificial sweetener.
  7. I researched master’s degree stuff at lunch. I basically called my former colleges and asked how to get an unofficial transcript. I’ve basically decided that I’m going to do the online masters degree for computer science  at georgia tech or the online masters degree at fullerton.
  8. I got home at 5pm and started playing the drums right away. time seemed like it went by quickly while I was playing. i broke two sticks.
  9. I took and cold shower
  10. I played guitar after then. practicing blues in e changing major pentatonic in g
  11. I ate mexican food with the family after that.
  12. then I went to get some drum sticks.
  13. then I came home and answered emails.
  14. then I did the dishes.
  15. and now I’m writing this blog post.

The only things I need to do now are to update my planner and to read for 30 min.



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