I’m keeping myself awake when I should be sleeping.

I’ve been looking up places to play magic the gathering and I haven’t found a place yet except for one dude that plays every friday at denny’s that’s actually the guy I’m going to end up playing with. he starts playing at 7:30, but I won’t be able to get there until 8:30 I’m sure he’ll understand. I’m d0ing well at work and everything is going well. I think that I’m going to be making enough money to do all the things that I want to do short of paying for college. I need to find out how much college costs. actually i do know. It’s going to be 12000 at the most and 6000 at the least. I need to apply to both georgia tech and to csu fullerton. I hope I get into georgia tech because then I won’t have to take any prerequisite courses.


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