Had a really frikkin good day today

I feel very accomplished today. I went to work. played the drums. went to the gym. read for 30 minutes. worked on business. did the dishes. uploaded my transcripts to the georgia tech application site.

I’ve decided to start working on business more. . . I used to just work on business for 30 min on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays. but now I’m starting to do 30 min everyday excluding sundays. I decided this when I was having crisis of meaning in the middle of my work day. I though about how hopeless it feels to work at a job where you don’t set the hours or the nature of the work. . . I know this is the fate that most people meet but I’m not going to resign myself to it. Anyway. I was having this crisis and I started thinking about the ways in which I could get myself out of my work situation. and that is business. I want to start a muse business like the four hour workweek describes. a muse business is a business that give someone the minimum income to enjoy a predefined lifestyle while taking as little time as possible to run. This doesn’t mean making millions or changing the world with the business. it means making only enough money to satisfy the sort of lifestyle that you want. and the book argues that your ideal lifestyle is cheaper than you think.

anways. it was a good -ass day.


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