My Days are getting better

I had a good day today. I think maybe it’s because of my medicine. Maybe it’s because I’m packing my full now and I’m really just entertained all day. maybe that’s it. I feel like I’m doing better overall. Now, it’s only been two days I’ve had this feeling. But I think I’m on to something good. So, I want to keep this going. I have a good way of tracking what I’m doing too, using an app on my phone to track my habits it’s been working well of course. . . and that’s why I feel this way. I hope tomorrow goes as well as today and yesterday did.

The only real complaint I have is that I watched too much TV today and I don’t think that I practiced guitar long enough. I was only supposed to watch 30 min of TV and I watched about an hour instead. . . . I’m going to try to avoid doing that in the future. Also, I’m sure that I played guitar for at least 45 min. . . but I was supposed to practice an hour. .. I’m not sure if I did play an hour because I got interrupted by dinner and didn’t keep track of time closely. I’ll make up 15 minutes either saturday or sunday just to make sure.

Everything else is going well. I’ve already told you that I’m working on business more during the week -30 min per day, six days per week. –in case you forgot. so that’s going well. work is going well. I’m finally making some money now.

So I’m getting tired now. but long story short, I’m doing well and I think things are going to stay that way.

See you tomorrow.


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