Today was a good day and I feel really good

I took like 500mg of wellbutrin today and I feel great. I can concentrate and I have a lot of energy -Almost too much energetic. I was actually feeling antsy- like I wanted to do something stimulating like playing video games or play guitar. I worked on my fills today when drumming. Oh yeah and I have to tell you something weird that happened. And maybe you can clear it up for me. I’m sure that I’m having paranoid thoughts about people judging me. today I felt like the people at the card shop didn’t want me there. at least the owner. it seemed like he was trying to rush me out of the store at one point. which i don’t appreciate. then again he might not have been. i really want to get along with the people at the magic store. but I don’t know what to say or what to talk about. . . it would be perfect if we just played magic and didn’t say anything.


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