Today was not a productive day

Today was not a productive day and that’s not okay. It’s really not okay. I don’t mean to get down on myself in front of you and thereby embarrass you. But really, I wasn’t productive at all today and that’s not okay.

I know where I went wrong too. I was thrown off many times tonight. First, I had a drum lesson when I don’t usually have a drum lesson in the middle of the week. I ate dinner and went to the gym and everything went fine there. But the next thing could’ve been avoided completely. I went to the super market with my sister and wasted a lot of time doing it. I’d say it added an hour to the night -delaying everything by an hour and squeezing productive time out of my day.

Well, that wasn’t the only thing that took up my time today: I stood around cooking with my sister for an hour when I shouldn’t have been. I mean, I completely wasted the night.

You might ask, “Well, what did you want to accomplish today, Marcus?” Well I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. I really really really want a zig a zig, ah. No not really. I really wanted to play guitar for an hour and work on business for 30 minutes. but that didn’t happen. And now I have to make up that time on Sunday. Yes, I have to play guitar on Sunday and I will also need to work on business on Sunday -When Sunday was the day I was supposed to relax.

Now, a certain positive voice in my head is telling me that it’s all good and that I will just do better next time. But that voice is premature in its optimism because I haven’t thought of ways to be more productive tomorrow – Which is the main purpose of this blog post besides just venting. (Do I use dashes too much? -like this?)

Okay. so what can I do better tomorrow? I know what I can do better tomorrow. I can start by not buying any soda tomorrow. (I know that seems random but I’ve been trying to save money and cut back on soda anyway. So there’s that) And I can make myself breakfast tomorrow. -sausages. And then I can get eat something right when I get home from work. And then, after that, I can start playing the drums right away at 5PM so that I have two full hours of practice time before I need to stop at 7 for the neighbors. Then, I’ll eat/read until 7:55 at which time I will start working on business for 30 minutes. For business, I will work on CAD designs. Then, I will write a blog post and organize. and then it will 9pm and then I will get ready for bed and be in bed by 9:30. Falling asleep at 10 for 8 hours until I need to wake up again for work at six. Oh and I have to do the dishes somewhere in there.

So I guess that’s a pretty good summary of how I will be productive tomorrow. I still want to keep that voice out of my head though because it keeps telling me that things will just get better on their own. I know they won’t. I have to work at it.

I liked writing this blog post. Actually I’m stilling liking it as I write it. I think my blog should be about reflecting on my day and looking toward the next with some ideas for improvement.



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