So, Here we are again

So my friend. How are you? Ha right. you can’t answer me because this is not actually a conversation. Anyways. I’m fine. Thank you for not asking. I want to tell you all about my day and the realizations I had. Okay so let’s start from the top. I woke up this morning and I had a dentist appointment. It went well even though the nurse was a neurotic tinkling deer. I have a follow up appointment to fit my night guard. so that went okay. . .

Then I went to three separate counseling sessions and I found out that Saddleback college has the courses i need and that they provide the classes to take concurrently.

I bought some shirts. . . everything went well up until that point. I ended up worrying about my cat getting out in the future that I decided to take preventative measures to make sure that he would come back. That took me forever and I missed my usual drumming time. . . not good. I could’ve just done it another time. I really could have. I justified skipping the drumming time by saying that I would make up the time by playing guitar. . . .but that’s stupid because DRUMS AND GUITAR ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!!!

-As I write this i’m thinking “what if i split the time between guitar and drums?. . . What if I played drum MOnwedfri and played guitar tuethusat?” part of me thinks this is a bad idea – that I should just pick one instrument and give it my all. . . . . . . part of me thinks this is exactly what I need to keep me interested in the drums. . . because it’ll give me a break from doing the same thing over and over. . .. . Right now I’m deciding against it. . . But I’m really not. I don’t see myself not being able to play the guitar. If only I had 4 hours  per day to practice. then I would be able to practice both instruments for 2 hours per day.

NAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH. I’m just getting to the point where I’m beginning to get better at the drums. . . . . . . .. .

But myahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI just might do it. .. .  I’ll sleep on it. but maybe not



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