Today is awesome jesus

So how was today. .. .. . if I really HAVE to tell you, it’s been actually pretty good in terms of productivity. not really at work, but at home. at home, I did all the things that I wanted to do: I played the drums I played video games with my sister(I know that’s not really productive but I schedule some free time on Tues thur sat so I took that free time today.) What else? I worked on my business for 30 minutes. . . I really didn’t even mind it. I order a new cat gps thing to track my cat when he leaves the house. I also did what? I read 30 minutes and took a cold shower and emptied the litter box. I had a decent day. I’m feeling really good just even writing about it. wowwwweeeeee thank YOU for listening. . . . . you whoever you are. . . if this ever gets read it will be a miracle.

I need to work on my productivity at work though. I know that I should be getting through my master list everyday and going through my missed calls. I should be doing that everyday. yeah everyday, I need to go through my self-fastened CRM and call everybody on the list or update their file. I should be doing that everyday. I’m going to experiment with leaving my phone in my car tomorrow to see if the elimination of that distraction will help me to complete the task.

But yeah. .. . Overall really good. . . .   I am now going to bed for 7 hour and 30 minutes. perfect.


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