I’m gay

So, I have to tell you something: I’m gay not that I like guys or anything. . . but I do. . . I like cock a lot. If there was a cock that had one dose of a magical elixir inside of it that saved people from cancer, I would suck it and have that anti-cancer juice all over my pussy. There wouldn’t be a way for anybody to reproduce that cancer juice. that’s how much I like cock. . .Just kidding! I’m not gay.

I was testing you to see what kind of reaction I could get from you. Of course, I can’t actually see your reaction so I just hope you have a boner now and that you’ve turned gay and now you have to tell your priest you CAN meet him Friday for drinks. . .

Just kidding!

NO I’m not. ..

I really want to tell you about my day though. It went well. the main thing that happened today was that I learned that I need to change my residency information at a junior college that I want to go to.

Also. . . I’m having trouble getting my grip right when I drum.

Those are the main things. . ..  .. . everything else is routine and went according to plan



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