Today was a better drum day than yesterday

Today was bad.  I didn’t wake up to my alarm because my phone had somehow become disconnected from it’s socket and it died as a result. I missed two doctor’s appointments and went into work late. like at 11:30 not good. Also I was so sleepy today at work that I kept passing out. Not good either. I think this is all happening because I stayed up late watching Suicide Squad. I had a good time. I just don’t like what it did to my day. The rest of the day went smoothly. I played the drums. went to the gym. fed the cat. cleaned cat litter and worked on business. I can say with total honesty that I need to work on business more than I am right now. anyways. . . That’s pretty much what I want to talk about. I do want to address the issue of my being sleepy everyday at work. I need to find some other way to stay energized during the day and not spend money. I would really like to make sure that I don’t fall asleep at work. I know that I was doing fine when I was just drinking coffee in the morning instead of drinking diet soda. I think maybe that’s what’s causing the sleepiness: the fake sugar. I really just want to start drinking coffee and coffee only. If only I could find a way to get coffee easily in the morning without having to make it. .. . . . I can’t find any though. I think I’ll just have to make coffee at home.


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