Today was not a good drum day

Today was not a good drum day whatsoever. I kept trying to make myself work on my grip, but I couldn’t figure out whether or not I was holding the stick correctly or if I was getting it wrong. I know for certain that I need to keep my thumb on the stick more but I don’t know if the rest of my grip is incorrect. I keep watching videos and none of them tell me a definitive way to hold the stick. They all say something different. Anyways, I just kept getting really frustrated with the murky information today and it was putting me off. Also, it’s really boring to practice gripping because you can’t actually hear the improvement. . . or maybe you can . . . it’s really hard to hear the difference between holding the stick correctly and a correct grip. AND BECAUSE IT’S DIFFICULT TO HEAR THE IMPROVEMENT, I don’t get excited when I actually do it right. . . .

I’m having troubles. . . .

For the future: I need to find the correct way to grip a stick. I think that means that I should hold the stick according to JOJO mayer, a famous drummer known for his technical skills. it would be a lot easier to follow his example if I could just find his instructional DVD somewhere in my house.


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