Got tipsy today

I drank 3 glasses of wine and today and I felt really good. It was fun while it lasted. Fleeting happiness though. I really am dreading/excited about getting to work today. Today, I’m going to finish all the homework I have for this week and I’m going to finish the rough draft of my statement of purpose for the Georgia Tech Master of Computer Science application.

( I’d like to say that I really like writing. that has nothing to do with anything. but I just thought I’d let you know.)

Anyway. that’s what I’m going to do today. and today is going to be a good day I decided.

I feel really burned out. I just feel like there’s no time for me to relax anymore. I know that I would feel shitty for not accomplishing anything if I didn’t try to fill my day with more activities. it’s either feel like I have no time to relax or that I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. either one of those two things. so here I go. to accomplish more things.


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