Whoa my god

I’m about to make a shitload of sales on Monday. My closer is going to do five of my deals and if 3 of them go through, then that will be 2160 additional dollars spread over 3 months. That, added with my current customers, will be a lot of money. I can’t wait until I can pay for classes and books next semester. Then I will be on my way to getting my master’s degree finally. I just have one semester of with three classes and three semesters with one class each. that’s a total of 4 semesters, or two years. then I’ll be done with my prereqs. Then it’ll be two years of classes. then I’ll have my master’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not bad at all. How old will I be? I’ll be 32. that’s an okay age to get a master’s degree.


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