HOly shit

Holy shit I just want to sit in front of a TV and do nothing. But no, I need to go to the gym and I need to work on business and I need to read for 30 min I also need to finish this blog post which I don’t want to write. oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god let’s start with the good news.

I officially applied to saddleback today. Okay so, let me explain. I went to saddleback college thinking that I could submit an AB 540 form with no problem. an AB 540 form is a document that allows me to pay in-state tuition even though I’m registered as an out-of-state student. I learned today that I needed to apply to the college before they would take my form. So, applied to the sister college thinking that I would be able to submit the form afterwards with no problem.

TANGENT. this guy at work bothers me. he talks really quickly and uses big words unnecessarily. It muddies up the true meaning of what he’s saying, which could be said with simpler words. You should always try to use simpler words whenever you can, it makes understanding you much easier. You can convey complicated concepts using simple words. he’s communicating a simple concept using complicated words. it annoys me. I’m not going to tell him because it honestly doesn’t affect my work. So I guess that was just pointless of me to say that.

Back to the story.

So, the guy at the admissions and records office told me that i would need to take the form directly to the sister school. So I went there, waited 20 min and then was turned away because my application hadn’t been processed yet.

I’m going to check on the progress of my application right now. BRB.

Okay so that isn’ working.


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