Today’s drumming

Today’s drumming was a little better than yesterday’s. I practiced double stroke rolls the whole time and now I’m up to 360 bpm.

I have to practice just being honest and speaking from the heart. I’ll pretend that no one will ever read this. . . . . .


Dear future Marcus. Dude! You were doing way better at the time of this post that before this post! It’s been a slow and steady improvement! No more issues really with the You-know-what. you’re not thinking that much about how people might be able to hear your thoughts! the meds have been helping!!!!!!!! dude!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to be writing you right now!!!!! I can’t wait for you to read this!!!! If you ever feel down, just remember that it was going really well when you wrote this! YOu know what you always think “If it can happen once it can happen again!” Make your happiness happen!!!1 keep playing the drums keep reading!!!! I love you!!!!


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