fear setting

What doubt, fears, and “what-ifs” pop up as you consider the big changes you can -or need -to make? Envision them in painstaking detail.

I doubt that I’ll be able to start a business that brings me steady income while enabling me to work 4 hours or less per week. I fear investing money and time and coming up short only to have my masters degree put off. I’m also really not looking forward to what my sister would say if I failed. what if I just started my business today. . . . the next step would be to confirm that market size. If the market size isn’t there. then I can just cut my losses and go elsewhere. Oh god I fear that the market size won’t be there. and then I fear that even if I confirm the market size, I wouldn’t be able to gain enough market share to get my target sales. I’m afraid that if I don’t do something right now. I’ll have to move out. and if I move out. I won’t be able to play drums or have enough money to start a business.

Would it be the end of your life?

what would be the permanent impact, if any, on a scale of 1-10?

Are these things really permanent?

How likely do you think it is that they would actually happen?


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