This is officially the 100th blog post

Okay so now we’re getting somewhere. I’ve done 100 blog posts now and I feel good about it. The other thing I feel good about is making my decision to get my master’s degree. I’m all set to start in the spring once I confirm that my residency is considered in-state versus out-of state. god I can’t even write honestly anymore. I’m really starting to get annoyed at myself. but, for the most part, I’m happy right now. I don’t ever know what to write about it. Is that bad? OKay so since i do this everyday I guess it could just be a daily update or the things that I think about. so this weekend was bad. I didnt keep to my habits this weekend like I wanted too. the big things were skipping drumming for two days in a row and not working on business. also. not reading kurt vonnegut. I justified skipping drumming, saying that I should take the time off from drumming to really think about where my life was going. I know that sounds like a valid reason. but I could’ve thought about my life after I drummed. So I’m not going to do that again. At least I came to some good realizations. I realized that I’m going to get my master’s degree no matter what in my life and that I’m going to start a business no matter what in my life also. I realized that getting my master’s degree would set me up to starting a business but starting a business right now would not help me get my master’s degree. so I decided that I’m going to get my master’s degree first.


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