I’m tired

oh my god I just can’t think of what to write swo i’m just going to keep typing for two minutes and then I’m going to see what omes out and then I will bbe able to seea bout my day and how I am doing so here we go holy shit i can type again really quickly i like that why the fuck am i hearing timferriss’ voice in my head that is annoying and yet ool at the same time hmmm what would timsay if he heard my voice in his head he’d be like why does this guy keep wanting to talk about this stupid thing that I can[‘t say outloud why the fuck is he still going on about this and then he would

Okay so hnow I’m going to continue braindumping and then now here it goes i’m hearing tim ferris’ voice again and wow this is cool and then it sucks and then did I hear someone say it sucks in my brain i have a monkey brain just like tim ferriss says I do  and then I’m going to braindump and I;’m going to continue brandruping as I go to work on my adwords and then the whole point of braind umping is no editting and just continue to write and there it is again the thoughts of exactly what i don’t want to think of and it just keeps popping up and now I’m think about the biology class that I took in boise state when I was there and when I was in that class I got straight A;s and did very well in that class and I am proud of myself and there it is again the thought that I don’t wna to t think about and then there that thought is again about my biology class and this is cool I just like to keep writing and not stopping and then that didn’t even make sense but I don’t care this is fun and I like doing this and I can keep going and then I’m thik  about my coworker at work who is a chull guyeeeee yes I said it he is chieilll and yet do i really think that about himm ahow can i even trust tlet’s not talk about that I just don’t even tknow what to write about ill just keep writing and then I’ll just keep writing and then I’ll just keep coming up with things to write about to write about and then hte words just keep coming up and I don’t even know what I’m writing about but I don’t care i just like that i’m writing something and oh look time is up.


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