Time and braindumping

Hello, there im marcus and you are currently reading my blog. I can tell you that you need to be patient with whatever is coming out of the page at your face aat this momnet because none of this is actually thought out and planned. I’m just brain dumping which is just writing without stopping. It is useful to bring your awareness to the present momnet and to really give the you the feeling of flow. I do it vbwecause it wakes me up from the stresses of the day makes me feel in tune with what is going on around me. in a weird way. it also helps me to tune everything out that is not having to do with thte typing and whoa . what ma i hearing? I’ think that I’m hearing a clock. yes I think it is a clock and I like clocks. clocks have a huge part to play in my life because i am obessed with tim emnagagement. I was thinking about getting a tattoo of a clock on my wrist . no not my wrist just on my arm or any other place where it could be big and noticeable. and wow I am still typing and I know that is a good thing because it is my goal 5o k33p 24i5int un5il 5h3 gbuzzer ggoes off on my phone and I know that it’s oing soon/ a memory comes to mind. I remember when I went into a job inveterview with a shirt on


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