Joe Rogan Podcast brain dump

REady set. Here we go. OMG i’m currently going through I think episade 500 or something of the joe rogan podcast. I should really capitalize that Joe Rogan Podact. And I’m going through this podacast like a fiend. I just love the material. I’s with bill bur who is hilarious and they’re talking about all this incredible stuff like going to comdey shows and almost getting nbeat up by peopl. and the their hobbies. and did you know that Bill Burr actually Drums? He’s actually a drummer. I’m a drummer and I know he’s better thatn I am. . He pays covers of popular songs and I don’t even know how to play even one popular song. I wish I did but I don’t. anyway, Joe Rogan and he are talking about this and that and I’m gaining insight on a lot of things. especailly the life of a comic. I learned that, and this sems obvious as I say it, I learned that comics need to keep exploring different new things in order to gain perspective and have material that they can actually talk about. I sure would like to be a comic too. I think that would be a very fun job. I think I had the capacity to do comedy at one point. But I’m too seriuos now. Not seriuos but not funnty anymore and wow i’m thinking about typing right now as i type and I realize that I’ve come so far as a typist from when I started I hope this thing isn’t riddeled


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