Feeling really bad at work

I’m just feeling really bad right now at work and it’s not good. I’m feeling bad for a number of reasons: I’m spending too much on food, I’m eating too much food, and I’m procrastinating. 

The spending of money and the eating of too much food can be solved with one simple habit: drinking free water whenever I’m hungry instead of eating. Just this one habit will put 35 extra bucks in my pocket per week and will also help to thin my bell out. This is my mission. I’m feeling the same feeling I felt when I first started taking cold showers. I just know that it would be difficult at first but that I will get used to and will get better as time goes on. I want to set up a new goal for myself to only eat once per day and have that 1000 calories. It will be tough but I know that I can do it. The way things are going now. I can definitely say that I will eat dinner with my family at night and have that be my one and only meal. I’m going to make a habit on coach.me.
The procrastinating can be solved by coming to my desk in the morning with a clear list of priorities. I should get these done within the last 4 hours of the work day. The first half of the work day will be devoted to taking calls.


I Want to Talk Honestly

There are a lot of things on my mind so I’ll just blurt them out.

  1. Changing my diet to incorporate less saturated fat and less caffeine. I’m doing this because my family as a whole is trying to watch its heart health. We’re doing this to support my dad in his attempt to get better after he went to the hospital for chest pains
  2. Not working on business. Holy shit I really didn’t work on business today and that is not good. I need to work on business 6 days a week no matter what. I’m just not working on it today because I have to get enough sleep so that I’m not tired at work tomorrow. I’ll need to be stricter with my schedule
  3. my fingers are doing more work now in my quest to conquer the double stroke roll.

I’m Really Geeking Out

I’m making this checklist for starting a lifestyle business. I think I might be going overboard by asking too many specific questions about social issues. These questions will give me insight into whatever market I’m targeting but it might not help me get sales. Here is a sample of the questions I’m asking:

  1. Guns
  2. Abortion
  3. Terrorism
  4. Recent scandalous issues
  5. Drugs
  6. Health care
  7. Foreign policy
  8. Income and wealth inequality
  9. Education
  10. Immigration policy
  11. Climate Change
  12. Women’s rights
  13. Veteran’s affairs
  14. LGTBQ rights
  15. Planned parenthood funding
  16. Death penalty
  17. Religious Freedom Act
  18. Government Mandates for health care
  19. Gender identity
  20. Marital rape
  21. Removing references to God/gods
  22. Women in combat
  23. Euthanasia
  24. Gender workplace diversity
  25. Confederate flag
  26. Should women be allowed to wear a face veil at civic ceremonies
  27. Should illegal immigrants have access to government health care?
  28. Should Muslim immigrants be banned from entering the country until the US improves its ability to screen for terrorists?
  29. Should illegal immigrants be offered in-state tuition at public colleges in their residing state?
  30. Should children of illegal immigrants be given legal citizenship?
  31. Should the US increase restrictions on its current border security policy?
  32. Should immigrants be required to learn English?
  33. Should local law enforcement be allowed to detain illegal immigrants for minor crimes and transfer them to federal immigration authorities?
  34. Should working illegal immigrants be given temporary amnesty?
  35. Should the US increase or decrease the amount of work visas given to highly skilled immigrants?
  36. Should the US increase its border security?

I don’t know if these questions will help me develop product ideas. . . . hmmmmm maybe. . . . .

I also don’t know if I should buy the “Behind the Scenes of a Muse” videos on nevblog.com

Brother is Going to Read The 4-Hour Workweek

I’m so excited to say that my brother agreed to read The 4-Hour Workweek. The book has really changed my life and I think it will change his. He’s already applying a lot of the principles but I think he will get more out of it than he thinks. I bet him that if he doesn’t get at least three principles out of it that he can apply to his life that I will take him to dinner wherever he wants. Up to $100 dollars. I think I’m going to win since the book is jam-packed with so much useful information. I’m really excited.

I’m feeling an overall good feeling this weekend. It didn’t really start off that way but all day today I’ve been feeling really good. I think it’s a number of things: I’m making good money. I just finished reading Awaken the Giant Within. I just talked to my neighbors about extending my drum practice time. I’m finished with my SEO certificate from UCI. I had a great dinner on Saturday and a great lunch on today. Everything seems to be going well. I’m glad that I have enough money to pay for school as well.

things to work on:

Procrastinating less at work and being more focused.

Really nailing my doubles when I practice drums.

Going to bed earlier

not drinking as much caffeine

drinking more water

Getting enough supplements and vitamins

Volunteering/giving more.

I don’t want to let this list of things that I can work on spoil my mood. I think everything is going fine and I really think I’m on track.


Wow I just wasted an hour of my life

I finished everything I had to do -reading, working on business- and then I wasted an hour of my time doing nothing. I don’t know why I don’t feel worse. . . maybe because everything is going so well for me right now. Really, everything is. I’m earning good money, I just finished a certificate program in SEO at UCI. I’m about to be done reading Awaken the Giant Within. And I’m making progress on my Lifestyle Business checklist. The only thing that really went wrong today was playing the drums. . .  but I really had no choice in not playing since I broke my stick and had to spend my drumming time buying a couple new pairs of sticks.

I don’t know what I’m complaining about. I think that everything is going well. I feel really good about finishing Awaken the Giant Within. And now I’m really tired.

Lifestyle Business Checklist Continued

I’m still working on my Lifestyle Business Checklist and it’s coming along quite well. I’m asking very specific questions that I’ll have to answer if I ever want to examine a market. Here is my checklist so far

  1. How do you want this business to affect your life?
    1. How much monthly income (salary) do you want your business to earn you?
    2. How many hours per week maximum do you want to spend managing it?
    3. From where do you want to be managing it?
    4. How fun is it supposed to be?
    5. What feeling will you get when you tell people that you own this business?
    6. What type of relationships would you like to have with your partners (not co-owners)?
  2. What market is this for?
    1. How are you a part of this market or how do you understand it?
    2. What is it enthusiastic about?
    3. What problems do they have?
      1. How are they currently solving this problem?
    4. Tell me about the regular purchases this market makes
      1. [Product name]
        1. How often is this purchased?
        2. How much does this product cost?
      2. Total amount spent on all products
        1. Per month
        2. Per year
      3. True Fans
        1. Demographics
          1. Gender
          2. Age
          3. Ethnicity
          4. Income
          5. Marital status
          6. Location
          7. Religious Affiliation
          8. Political Affiliation
          9. Education Level
        2. Interests/ Things they own or use
          1. Hobbies
          2. Music
          3. Gadgets/Tech
          4. Clothing (type and fashion)
          5. Books
          6. Car/transportation
          7. TV Shows
          8. Movies
          9. Food preference
  • Which media they consume/channels to reach them/how they hear about products
    1. TV channels
    2. Magazines
    3. Websites
    4. Online video channels
    5. Streaming video services
    6. Blogs
    7. Forums
    8. Trade Journals
    9. Podcasts
    10. Radio stations
    11. Music streaming services
    12. DVD commercials (which DVD’s do they buy?)
    13. Books (Which books can you get a reference in?)

Started Writing a Lifestyle Business Checklist

So why haven’t I started a business? I think that I’m doing things out of order or I have holes in the process. I think that I need a checklist. So I started one.

This list will be an exhaustive study on each new venture I hope to have every facet of the business completely thought out. I know that business plans don’t survive first customer contact, so it will not be a business plan. But it will be similar. I know that each aspect of the business could change rapidly and that I’ll need to make sure that I can adjust along the way. I think that I should use the Business Model Generation Book to start the business so that I can have a model of what the business might look like.

Elements of My Identity

Elements of my identity I’d like to have and who I’d like to be.  If I had these I’d talk with confidence and walk with great posture. I would be smiling all the time. The list below are the attributes and role models I would have. I have also included a list of strategies for knowing that I am living these things.

  • courage, in all areas, elon musk
    • sky dive, start business, ask a girl out
  • discipline-iron men
    • run a marathon, practice a solid two hours of drumming 6 days a week
  • decisiveness-tim ferriss
    • stop swaying back and forth between decisions
  • humor-louis ck
    • perform stand up
  • outrageousness-russel brand
    • do the worm at a night club
  • good with women and children
    • go to shelter and volunteer for battered women


Who am I?

  • Who am I?
    • loan officer
  • Who am I?
    • Brother
  • Who am I?
    • Son
  • Who am I?
    • College graduate’
  • Who am I?
    • Budding entrepreneur
  • Who am I?
    • reader
  • Who am I?
    • blaze (blah-zay)
  • Who am I?
    • avid Drummer
  • Who am I?
    • Friend
  • Who am I?
    • reminiscent
  • Who am I?
    • courteous
  • Who am I?
    • Junk foodie
  • Who am I?
    • Tim Ferriss Fan
  • Who am I
    • donator
  • Who am I?
    • future oriented
  • Who am I?
    • Big thinker
  • Who am I?
    • avid reader
  • Who am I?
    • Concrete
  • Who am I?
    • unready to label myself unless certain criteria are met
  • Who am I?
    • metal and punk music fan?
  • Who am I?
    • Comedy fan
  • Who am I
    • completionist
  • Who am I?
    • Consistent
  • Who am I?
    • Slow-carber
  • Who am I?
    • shy
  • Who am I?
    • not good with women
  • Who am I?
    • not good with children
  • Who am I?
    • cautious about making commitments
  • Who am I?
    • Scheduler
  • Who am I?
    • student for life
  • Who am I?
    • vaper
  • Who am I?
    • averse to being called a dilettante
  • Who am I?
    • believer that environment determines ability to perform
  • Who am I?
    • believer that small wins can translate into big long-term effects
  • Who am I?
    • Believer that people are generally good
  • Who am I?
    • Believer that I will do something great
  • Who am I?
    • Believer that affirmations coupled with action lead to output
  • Who am I?
    • self-improver
  • Who am I?