I just finished reading 30 minutes of Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut and it is sooooo good. I really like the way he makes the characters so sad and I guess they aren’t that sad. Well, I guess they are not as sad as they should be. And there was cameo from another book. This guy Norman Mushari made a cameo. Norman Mushari was a shifty-eyed lawyer from God Bless You Mr. Rosewater or Pearl Before Swine. I really liked that book. I don’t know when I finished it or anything. and wow I really like to watch myself type it is awesome and I like it a lot and I want to go to the zoo and I want to eat cookies and I want to read more. Oh God do I just want to read. I want to read for hours straight with no interruption but alas, I cannot do that because I have too many things to do. the biggest thing or the thing that takes the most time is drumming. I really drum a lot. I was about to say that I drum too much. But that isn’t true. I don’t drum enough. Work is getting in the way of my drumming. Work is also getting in the way of my reading. I want to make money though so I think that I need to start a business. But what if my business fails. I have no fear of failure. Who am I kidding? I really do have fear of failure. If I knew that I couldn’t fail or at least was not afraid of it. I would start a business right now. I wouldn’t worry about going to school and everything and I think that is the right answer. But then again I don’t know I really don’t know. I COULD go back to school and start getting my master’s degree but then I would feel like I’m putting off starting a business. But getting my master’s degree will set me up with greater job prospects in the future. and also, since I’m getting the degree in computer science, it would set me up for remote work doing programming. This is approximately my dream. My dream is work from anywhere when I want to and to prevent work for work’s sake (I got this from the 4-hour Workweek). Oh god why did I stop typing I was on a roll and now here we going again ready let’s go and I think that I’m actually slowing down on my typing anyway, What were we talking about? Oh yeah, going to school. okay so if I go to school it would set me up to do remote work and to do it anywhere. this is approximately my dream. my dream is to work anywhere and when I want to work and to prevent work for work’s sake ( I got this from the 4-Hour Workweek. I love that books) I want to make sure that I have enough time for drumming. Wait it feels like I’m not addressing something. I really feel like I need to say that the 4-Hour Workweek is not something that I live by very much anymore. I mean I think about it all the time and I keep mentioning it when people ask me. But I don’t really live by it. Mostly because I’m afraid to be honest with myself about what I want to do with my life. Something the book asks you to do. It even helps you figure out your goals and set timelines so that you can complete them. I think it’s fear of being honest with myself about what I want to do in life and also laziness about actually going through the steps of doing this. I really want to sky dive. random. anyway I actually want to look through the book right now. but I know what I will find. I will find an exercise that stares me right in the face and asks me what I want out of life. I guess what I want out of life is to be famous and not to be concerned about being rich. and to have the self discipline to carry whatever future dreams I want to work towards. . .and so what are those dreams exactly? I really want to go on tour around the world playing music for a living. . . I basically want to be a rockstar. That would be amazing. the 4-Hour Workweek tells you to think of an action that would mean that you have attained that state of being which you so desire. SO I guess being a rockstar mean that I played a major festival like coachella. Okay, so, if I were to set one actionable and concrete goal. It would be to eventually play at coachella. I can’t tell anybody about this goal now wow i need to keep writing I’m thinking too much now instead of just writing. Okay yeah I want to play coachella that is something that I can do which would mean that I have attained the status of being a rockstar.  Maybe if I played just rock. Like hair metal. Maybe, that would be cool. anyways I think that I might do this but I don’t want to brush over it I think that I can achieve this goal if I tried in how many years? five I gues I would have to start now building a fan base and releasing records and working on material. Acutally it would be more like 10 years. so skip that I can only choose goals that can be completed in a maximum time frame of 12 months. Okay, so what would my ideal situation be a year from now. I would have my own business that lets me work only 4-hours per week. I would have everything outsourced. I would have freelancers to do my SEO I would have afreelancer to update and take care of my website. I would have  a fulfillment center I would have a call center I would have virtual assistance to handle customer service. I would have a Facebook page with at least 50oo followers. I would have 5000 instagram followersand I would have 500o twitter followers. I would have regularly updated content on building and mainting an expensive cube. I would have a cube to showcase. I would have an advertising deal with tcgplayer and all the major magic forums and stores and I would have advertising with cube tutor. I would have 5000 followers on youtube. No scratch that I would have any youtube videos except for a commercial. and I would only have a sales page that I would maintain. so yeah

  1. work 10 hours per week
  2. 5000k per month salary from business
  3. outsourced fulfillment
  4. automated sales (website and affiliates)
  5. outsourced digital marketing (facebook, seo, and adwords)
  6. outsourced website manager
  7. outsourced customer service (call center)
  8. 5000 Facebook fans
  9. 1000 instagram followers
  10. 2500 email list

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