What I want out of my business and how I’m going to get it

Wow I’m definitely in need of a massive brain dump. OMG right now I am stressing out right now thinking about my future and my retirement. I think that I will move from reading just Kurt Vonnegut to reading Vonnegut and other books dispersed in between. I really need a change of pace I think. Well actually no. Maybe I have this fear of not finishing all the Kurt Vonnegut books and I think this is the perfect time to test my ability to stay to an action plan. By reading all the Vonnegut books and while I’m reading other books at the same time. I just need to keep on writing. okay so I’vec decided to just test my ability to stick to a long term plan without any external motivators besides myself. I’m going to read a Kurt Vonnegut book every other book so that I can change from reading life  book to fiction and I think that I should do that. YOu know what? I have actually decided that this business of mine is actually not going to work so now I need to make sure that I stick to my plan omg what am I actually saying. I think I’m saying that I’ve found out my potential costs for this business and that I don’t want to pay them right now. I know that I will spend 500 on a website actually let’s chart it out right now once and for all:

  1. 500 website
  2. 1000 one month of fb and adwords adversising
  3. 15k tooling costs
  4. 100 kickstarter video
  5. 100 prototype
  6. 1500 CAD

the minimum amount of things I need for the next step are

  1. 2500 CAD
    1. after this, I can take the CAD over to different manufacturers and ask them what it would cost to manufacture a batch of ten, including tooling and set up costs. After I’ve made ten. I can do the video and send out samples. I can ask around an
  2. 250 landing page with email sign up button.
  3. 1000 in facebook advertising
  4. facebook page free

With the above things, I can approximate demand. it would be better if I could test what people would be willing to pay before I bring them to the page. This would be so I could display the sales price and see how many people sign up.


  1. I want my business to make me 5000 per month while only demanding 10 hours per week in management time.
  2. I want to be paid one time at the beginning of each month
  3. I want to be able to work from anywhere as long as I have internet.
  4. I want the salary from day one
    1. I can pay myself a salary using the money from Kickstarter so that means that I can potentially have a salary from day one.
  5. I want the 10-hour per week schedule starting on the 7 month
    1. This will involve hiring affiliates to automate sales
      1. I want five affiliates maximum
      2. this will involve paying commission
    2. this will involve a firm to manage my customer service
      1. I will need an extensive if-then protocol for the customer service reps
      2. this will involve a monthly fee to the firm
      3. I will need cash in the business bank account to handle returns
    3. This will involve having a great website to automate sales
      1. I will need someone to manage the seo
        1. this will cost me a monthly fee
        2. I will need a company with a great track record
      2. This will have an initial design cost of about 2500
      3. I can find an all-in-one solution or I can pay the following individually. the all-in-one solution will cost about 79 per month
        1. hosting each month
        2. domain fee yearly
        3. credit card transaction fee per month or per transaction
      4. I will need someone to make a great video for me
        1. I estimate that this will cost me 1000, one time
      5. I will need someone to take great product photos for me
        1. I estimate that this will cost me 1000, one time
      6. I will need someone to write great copy for me
        1. this will cost me about 1000, estimate. that, or I can get the SEO company to write copy for me
  6. I want to make sure that I get 5000 at the beginning of the second month too.
    1. I will have to figure out how many sales I need to have during the first month in order to cut myself 5000 at the beginning of the second month
      1. I will need to know the profit per bag
      2. I will need to know how much money I will be putting back into the business in order to grow it
      3. I will need to know my monthly overhead
  7. I want to send orders only once a week. or have the orders processed automatically
    1. I will need to work out an agreement with the fulfillment center or the manufacturer to do this. or at least I just need to let them know I will be sending orders once a week
    2. I will need an easy way to send orders electronically to the manufacturer or the fulfillment center
    3. This can be a shopping cart integration or I can send the purchase orders as an excel file with the shipping information and the quantity
  8. I want to not keep inventory on hand
    1. This will require on-demand manufacturing
      1. I will need to find a manufacturer with no minimum order quantity
  9. I want the total time from order placement to customer’s hands to be 4 weeks maximum
    1. this will require quick order processing and quick manufacturing
  10. I want to donate part of my profits to charity
    1. I think I will choose Donorschoose or other education charity
    2. I can maybe just donate part of my income. I would like to donate part of the profits before I cut myself a salary though
  11. I want a cool product that I can be proud to tell people about

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